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Vascular Surgery Attachment Program in CGMH, Taiwan, Taipei

The world of vascular intervention is an ever-changing world. New technology, device, concept are coming out constantly every now and then. In addition to providing better treatment to our patients, it is so's our duty to make the new  concepts regarding vascular surgery propagate through the whole world of Vascular surgery/intervention.
In the section of Vascular surgery of our center where I work as the chief, we perform all kinds of vascular intervention and surgeries. 

Case load:
We perform more than 150 Aortic interventions /year, 
400 Lower extremity arterial interventions /year
2000 dialysis access interventions /year
400 Venous Intervention /year

International Physicians are welcome!

Being one over the biggest vascular center in the country, we are  happy to provide  attachment  to our clinical vascular program for residents and attending doctors (vascular surgeons, vascular interventionists , intervention nephrologist...)from outside the country.

Program can be custom made!

Vascular intervention attachment program in my department can be customized and flexible. We are very happy to tailor the whole program, including the duration and the content of the clinical attachment, according to the participants' specialty and their need. 
Do not hesitate to contact me at
pojenko@gmail.com for further information.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Vascular Intervention Team

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