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We are vascular interventionists. 
We treat vascular diseases. 
We do the best!

International patients are welcome

As a part of the international society, we does not only treat local patients. All patients with vascular disease from all over the world are welcome. We are more than happy to contribute our clinical knowledge and interventional technique for the patient from all over the world. 


We specialize in disease as follow:

Thoracic aortic aneurysm/dissection
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
Dialysis access related problems
Varicose vein
Venous thrombotic disease

Treatment Program can be custom made

Contact our International Medical Center and we will try our best to help and arrange trip to Taiwan as to solve your vascular problem. 

Do not hesitate to contact me at for further information.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Vascular Intervention Team

Big volume & High skills
Section of Vascular Surgery in Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital is one of the well-known high volume vascular intervention centers in Taiwan. 
We perform more than 5000 vascular access related procedures, 300 lower limb arterial interventions, 400 venous interventions, and 150 aortic related procedures annually. 


Multidisciplinary teamwork approach

To provide the most up-to-day aortic intervention treatment for our patients has always been one of the most important task. The Vascular Intervention Team of Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, lead by Dr. Po-Jen Ko (the Chief of Vascular Surgery Section), comprised of multidisciplinary experts from Vascular Surgery, Intervention Radiology and Anesthesiology. All aortic and peripheral arterial interventions were performed by the members of the Vascular Intervention Team in a team work fashion to achieve the highest standard of service. Though the cooperation of well-trained physicians, we had done our best to optimized the quality of o ur aortic and peripheral interventions to minimize the invasiveness of the procedures. 

Simmens Artis biplane angiography suite
Toshiba vascular sonography

We believe in Minimal Invasiveness!!

Total percutaneous approach/100% No more surgical blade! We adopt the cutting edge technology “Preclose technique” to perform a hundred percent our aortic stenting (EVAR and TEVAR) in a total percutaneous fashion. That is to say, no more cutting wound needed. Every step of the treatment is done through the tiny puncture hole in the inguinal area. And the puncture holes are sutured by vascular suture devices immediately at the completion of the treatment. Our patients can ambulate unrestively after two hours of bed rest and go home on the same day. 

Local anesthesia/We perform the aortic intervention in a less invasive way. Most of the aortic procedures are performed using local anesthesia with some light intravenous sedation, if needed. It has been established that the less invasive anesthesia technology reduces the preoperative system complication such as myocardial infarction, pulmonary failure, and central nervous accidents. Thus the patients can recover in a short period and back to their normal daily activity. 

Outpatient procedures/No admission needed! We are the first and probably the only medical center that perform elective aortic interventions as one-day (outpatient) procedures. Most of our asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysm patient and some of our elective thoracic aortic disease patients can receive the treatment without admitted to the hospital. Due to our cutting edge technology, the procedures can be completed in the morning and the patients thus can be discharged in the afternoon. This significantly reduced the related medical cost and the inconvenience caused by the treatment. 

Devices/We choose the best suitable devices for our patient according to their unique anatomy from FDA approved aortic endografts such as graft from Medtronic, Gore and Cook. All the procedures are done following the detailed discussion of our regular basis weekly Vascular Intervention Team Conference before the procedures. The patients are not treated by single interventionist but also cared by a bunch of experienced physicians all together. 



5 Fu-Shing Street, Kweishan, Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C. 
Tel: 886-3-3281200 ext. 2118 
Fax: 886-3-3285818

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