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Team Information

Dr. Po-Jen KoAortic disease、PAOD、Vericose vein、Hemodialysis disease

Dr. Hung-Chang HsiehVericose vein、Hemodialysis disease

Dr. Sheng-Yueh YuPort-A、Hemodialysis disease、Diabetic foot vasculopathy 

Dr. Tsung-Chi KaoPort-A、Hemodialysis disease、Diabetic foot vasculopathy 

Dr. Ta-Wei SuAortic disease、PAOD、Hemodialysis disease

Dr.Wen-Chin WeiVericose vein、Hemodialysis disease

​Dr. Chun-Hsien HsinVericose vein、Hemodialysis disease

Ms. Wen-Ling Cheng

Nurse Practitioner

Chang Gung

Memorial Hospital

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